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If you choose "Other" please note who you would nominate for this position and why. The DC Post has 6 voting Officers who serve one year terms.
President: Susan Merrigan

1st Vice President: Scott Higgins

2nd Vice President: CAPT Rick Burgess

Treasurer: Ben Pina

Secretary: Amanda Sanderson


The DC Post has 14 total voting Directors who serve for two year terms. The following individuals have been nominated to serve a term from January 2017 until January 2019.
Emergency Preparedness/Incident Response Committee Director: Brett Blanton

Audit Committee Director: Brian Moore

Programs Committee Director: Susan McDaniel

Young Members Co-Director: Corinn Bovi

Sustaining Members Committee Director: Kurt Maldovan

Small Business Committee Co-Director: Tawania Williams

The following Directors were elected for a two year term in January 2016 so will serve as Directors until January 2018: 

Individual Members Committee Director: Max Kantzer
Howard University Mentor Committee Director: Cameron Manning
Awards and Recognition Committee Director: Katherine Ollinger
Investment Committee Director: Tom Chicca
Scholarships / Catholic University Co-Mentor: Al O'Konski
K-12 & Camps Co-Director: Capt Logan Smith
K-12 & Camps Co-Director: LT Jay Shirey
Programs Support Committee Director: Tom Jones

Interested in joining the DC Post Board and/or a Committee?  We can always use new leaders and volunteers like you. Please provide your e-mail and how you would like to get involved!

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